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Equal parts emotional appeal, rational reasoning, beautiful product, believable people.

Detroit 67: Perspectives

Detroit 67:Riot or Rebellion? Immersive installations, augmented reality, complex storytelling. The project won an IMLS National Medal.

Quick Response

An ambitious group project from my Experience Design students at CCS. The project won the Adobe Design Achievement Award, and an Interactive Design Award from HOW Magazine.

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The Emoticon Project

The world before emojis. We asked Shepard Fairey to assign artists a text emoticon, as inspiration for works of art. Branded content for Samsung.

The Noteworthy Project

Samsung campaign on during the 2012 conference.


We worked with artist Reza Ali to create this one-of-a-kind app as part of the first Galaxy Note launch. Stylus gestures expressed as particle systems.


Redesign of Hilton's full-service hotel portals was a collaboration between multiple vendors, agencies and a long list of stakeholders.

Jeep Comfort

Before the 2009 Grand Cherokee, The JeepĀ® brand wasn't known for luxury or comfort. This interactive campaign marked the beginning of the on-road approach.

Jeep: Come Together

Jeep fans love to share. We built a dynamic Jeep fan experience where people could share that pride in their vehicle, and the places it takes them.

Jeep: Oregon

A 28-day shoot with 7 Jeep vehicles.

Organic Detroit: Culture Video

We used Flip camera footage and in-camera sound to have some fun at the office.

Water of TAD

A belly laugh rehydrates the creative spirit. I created this app as part of a Kickstarter campaign for a mockumentary film called TAD.


An ancient project, for posterity: A fun Flash website design for NYC architecture firm Fabrica718.