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Equal parts emotional appeal, rational reasoning, beautiful product, believable people.

Detroit 67: Perspectives

Detroit 67: Was it Riot or Rebellion? Immersive media installations, a couple flavors of augmented reality, complex storytelling. The project also won an IMLS National Medal, which I've been told is a big deal in the museum world.

The Emoticon Project

The world before emojis. We asked Shepard Fairey to assign artists a text emoticon, as inspiration for works of art. Branded content for the Samsung Galaxy Note was directed by Jessica Sanders. Pre-roll and ads for, works sold at charity auction, benefitting Peace First.

Be the Talent

A couple of recent acting gigs: A man struggles with modernity in a video for Bars of Gold, and a fishing scientist flirts with death for Scientific Anglers. Posting this as an example of radical transparency.

The Noteworthy Project

Doc-style branded content for the Samsung Galaxy Note, launched on during the 2012 conference. The website was a shared showcase with the Emoticon Project, and a jumping off point for learning more about the product.


We worked with creative visualist Reza Ali to create this one-of-a-kind app as part of the first Galaxy Note launch. Imagine drawings and stylus gestures expressed as particle animations. Then imagine you can share and augment them as editable "sketches" in a community.


Redesign of Hilton's full-service hotel portals was a collaboration between multiple vendors, agencies and a long list of stakeholders. A juggling act for a number of global brands. Lesson learned? Websites are deep.

Quick Response

An ambitious creation from my 2011 Experience Design students at CCS. The team had six weeks to concept and build a series of networked art objects for the yearly student exhibition. The project won the installation design category at the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, and earned an Interactive Design Award from HOW Magazine in 2012.

Project Link >>

Jeep Comfort

Before the 2009 Grand Cherokee, The JeepĀ® brand wasn't known for luxury or comfort. This interactive campaign marked the beginning of the new approach.

Jeep: Come Together

The Jeep brand makes social media fairly easy; their fans love to share. To celebrate that spirit, we built a dynamic community site where people could share that pride in their vehicle, as well as a look at the places it takes them.

Jeep: Oregon

A 28-day shoot with 7 Jeep vehicles. This was a highly ambitious shoot with a talented team, resulting in a ridiculous amount of quality images for the JeepĀ® brand.

Organic Detroit: Culture Video

We used Flip camera footage and in-camera sound to compose a fun little musical piece. Everyone who worked on this one is still a good friend or colleague today!

Water of TAD

A belly laugh rehydrates the creative spirit. I created this app as part of a Kickstarter campaign for a mockumentary film, which I hope to finish someday. With some UI assistance from Eric Croskey.

TAD on App Store>>


An ancient project, for posterity: A fun Flash website design for NYC architecture firm Fabrica718.